Why a coach is not a trainer or a therapist?

After giving the definition, what the real coach is, we have to make clear what the coach is not.

Trainer or therapist?

1. The coach is not a trainer because he or she

  • customizes the message for each client (does not sell ready-made, but tailor-made   clothes);
  • does not discuss general matters and theory but addresses the client’s specific issues, thereby attaining more general lessons;
  • does not work with a group of 10 or 12 individuals but rather one partner (in the case of 1-on-1 coaching).
2. A coach is not a therapist because

  • his or her clients are not ill or injured but healthy individuals seeking to improve their skills;
  • he or she does not examine the past but focuses on the future;
  • he or she does not focus on mistakes, but possibilities and solutions.
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Laura Komocsin (Author)

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