„Good leaders learn from all life experiences.  In this clever and insightful book, Laura offers marvelous thoughts on coaching from childhood fables, personal experiences, and observations from a host of thought leaders.  From this mix come a wonderful array of coaching tips.” Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor of Business, University of Michigan

“Executive coaches have a unique vantage point on the corporate world, seeing leaders in their most intimate moments of struggle and triumph. This book is packed with these stories, told with humor and insight. It includes many valuable lessons for coaches and their clients alike.” Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach, business educator and New York Times-bestselling author, ranked the number one leadership thinker in the world by Thinkers50

„I enjoyed reading this book, as through the examples and the stories of the coachees I could pause and reflect on my own personal challenges and concerns. Since as Eleanor Roosevelt said: “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”  Monika Voros, HR Leader for Unilever Hungary and the Adriatic region

„This highly readable and enjoyable book provides brilliant insights about coaching and leadership. Laura Komocsin shares 50 powerful stories that bring coaching concepts to life and inspire any leader in order to better connect with people at all levels.”  Patrick Stapfer Managing Director CRH North Danube 

“This is a great read not only for coaches but for anyone in or contemplating being in a coaching relationship in any country. Laura’s style is down to earth, with a gentle humour that will spark contemplation and enthusiasm in the same measure.”  Graham O’Mahoney, Provident Financial South-East Europe Regional Finance Director

“Being a leader who believes in the power of organizational development, putting coaching mentality into the core of it is the best thing one can do. Employees will start to own their problems, their solutions, their results. If you share this belief, this book with practical advices, stories, tools is a must have for you.” Zoltan Radeczky, General Manager, AVON Central-Eatern Europe

“This is such a refreshing book. There are so many coaching books on the market saying the same thing, in the same way, just by different authors. Laura takes a truly creative approach that is both original and engaging. These 50 stories are far from fairy tales, these are real examples from a skilled and passionate coach. Coaches and leaders can learn much from this book and I would highly recommend 50 Secret Coaching Stories from the Top.” Ian Day, co-author of Challenging Coaching: Going Beyond Traditional Coaching to Face the FACTS

‘This book is a fast-pace, inspiring journey through the many adventures of leadership coaching. With entertaining stories, witty observations and useful references, Laura guides us on this journey with an expert’s experienced eye. The book imaginatively opens our eyes to the magic of coaching from which we can learn how to become better coaches and leaders in our own daily lives’.  John Blakey PCC – Author of ‘The Trusted Executive

“A really interesting book, filled with exciting, real life case studies. As an HR executive, I could easily relate to many of the stories because I have either experienced similar situations or there is a good chance that the others might happen to me any time. It is a great book to read for anybody who is interested in Coaching. I really appreciate that it not only contains success stories but also some examples when the process has failed. “ Veselina Petrova, Deichmann Bulgaria HR director

„Being coached as a leader feels pretty unnatural – you somehow expect answers and then you find yourself telling those anwers with someone around you barely know.
They refer to themselves as diamond cutters but that generously suggests all leaders are diamonds in the rough – well, for me coaches are rather mirrors who can show us both our ugly and majestic selves – if we dare to look and then, occasionally change.
Once you get the hang of it, both individual and group coaching are fun – do not do it for yourself only, but for the ones you lead.
I got this book early in the process and read through in one sitting, receiving coaching at others’ cost and a free ticket to laugh at fellow leaders – and at myself a tiny bit.
The book is witty, colourful and keeps the momentum sky- high all the way through – so dig in and cross your fingers you could be funny enough to get into the next edition.”Peter Presszer, Head of services client innovation centre, IBM

„With pleasure I read the book “50 secret coaching stories from the top”. Being already for many years in different management and leadership positions, I have to say that several of the stories in the book seemed familiar to me. I really liked the practical, real live experience that came through the stories. The book is joy to read for every leader. I myself read it in one go.” Frank Van de Vel, Senior Managing Director, K&H Group
“Laura covers a wide range of coaching challenges and successes via the medium of inspiring and often amusing anecdotes. There’s something for all budding leaders to gain from reading this valuable tool.”  Stuart McAlister, Managing Director, Inter Relocation Group

„I love the idea of this book: I find it very useful and healthy to develop and coach others throughtales, to bring in new perspectives for old situations. I often use the story of Alice in Wonderland to explain the need for planning or a typical Hungarian folk tale to highlight the importance of details in implementation. My experience shows that metaphors and stories are easily understood and well accepted. The characters and stories in Andersen’s tales can be related to new business concepts or expectations and make them easier to comprehend and remember.I recommend this book to all who are responsible for or concerned with developing people. A truly creative way to expand your managerial toolkit.”  Attila Keszég, Senior Commercial VP Europe, Deutsche Telekom

„This book offers self development for leaders and non leaders by nice, sometimes funny stories. I recommend it for leaders to realize that the problems they are facing are not unique, similar were solved with coaches support already. The Hungarian version of the book is very popular in my team as it gets closer them to become better leaders. Read it, debate it, enjoy it!” Judit László, Romania