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Intercultural Communication Workshop

“I don’t want to be like an elephant in a porcelain shop” – or how to overcome the difficulties of cross-cultural communication

  • Do you find it difficult to effectively communicate with your company headquarters overseas?
  • Are you wondering what your foreign colleagues cannot understand when it is all clear to you?
  • Just how often do you get upset if your counterpart abroad does not do what you have agreed on?

Such problems surface every day at organisations which operate internationally or have employees from diverse cultural backgrounds. Cooperation between geographically distanced sites causes difficulties of its own – let alone cultural differences which often lead to misunderstanding and stress for all parties involved.

This new 1-day intercultural communication workshop aims to enhance cross-cultural cooperation by creating an understanding of cultural differences, increasing the awareness around diversity in thinking and ways of working as well by offering tips and tricks for improved communication across cultures.

Welcome to a World of Spices!

Spices make our food more colorful and diverse – just as cultures make our world more colorful and diverse. In this colorful intercultural communication workshop, we will explore the world of cultures and the cultures of the world to help us understand what makes us all different but equal at the same time.

After getting to know your taste and appetite in the introduction rounds, we will take you to a journey around the world:

– pack our own cultural backpacks

– put on our special sunglasses, which we can never remove, and

– see what happens when two icebergs meet.

Exotic or average?  A virtual trip to the Far East

Even the simplest Indian dish contains a large number of different spices, which make it taste exotic – for those who are not used to it. For Indians, it is something they take for granted.

The culture we grow up in is also something we consider “self-evident”, anything but exotic – until we are contrasted with something very different.

A change of perspectives: Hungary & Hungarians in the eye of the world

Goulash and gypsy music at dinner – but what are Hungarians like at work?

Dimensions of culture help us understand how other cultures are different from ours: this determines how they see us and how we see them – and often lead to conflicts which are rooted in cultural differences.

Through real-life case studies we will explore the effect of cultural dimensions on everyday life and work. Based on the results of large-scale international research studies we will att
empt to define our own cultural dimensions: both national and organizational.

Communicating across cultures: Understanding cultural differences and adapting your communication style

Andy Molinsky´s Global Dexterity concept will help us explore how to adapt our behaviour across cultures for best results:

  • Identify the typical communication patterns in your vs. in your partner´s culture
  • Bridge the cultural gap through increased awareness and targeted communication techniques
  • Interact with people from different cultures with respect and for a win-win solution.

Our Recipe for the day:


  • Real-life case studies on intercultural conflicts and their resolution
  • Video and audio materials for discussion
  • Experiential learning through practice-oriented roleplays
  • Authentic trainer with a multi-cultural business background

Your D(W)ish: what benefits to expect?

  • Increased awareness of cultural differences to avoid traps and pitfalls
  • Strategies for managing cultural stereotypes
  • Ready-to-use, business-focused communication tools & techniques
  • First-hand experience in successful cross-cultural communication


Upon your request, the workshop can be spiced up with examples from a specific foreign culture other than India. Name your preferred country and we will get you the local ingredients.

Serving suggestions:

  • 1-day workshop from 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. with one lunch and two coffee breaks
  • Maximum 10 participants per session
  • For best results, served in a sunny room with a seasoned trainer:
Anikó Uj
Anikó UjCommunication coach & intercultural trainer
Born and raised in Hungary
Studied in Denmark
Graduated in the US
Now living and working in Germany with clients in 3 continents

We will be delighted to serve you.

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