Anikó UJ


“Tell me and I forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I learn.”
I believe in Experiential Learning: learning by doing and self-reflection are the two key components for personal development. In my individual and team/group coaching processes I put a lot of emphasis on practical work: analysing the practical aspects of a problem or goal, listing practical options or alternatives and experiencing new behaviours in practice. My clients find role-play and simulation exercises a very useful way of preparation for their real-life actions: an immediate takeaway from the coaching process that they can use in their business practice.


“The training was very effective and structured. Her empathy helped me to reach my ambitious target within this short time. The focus of the training was not only the English language but also personal coaching. As a result I was able to present with confidence to an English speaking audience.
After this successful short period we decided to continue working together. We have been using the time up to now to improve my fluency in English in various management topics. I am very satisfied with her competent and professional work, excellent training skills and especially her distinctive personality.”
Mrs. Silke Schneider, Vice President Human Resources, KS Aluminium-Technologie GmbH, Neckarsulm, Germany, October 2014

“The training was very practice-oriented with many useful professional methods to improve the presentation skills. Mrs. Uj gave the participants individual feedback, which was very helpful for each of the participants. (…) The group’s feedback was consistently very satisfied. We are very pleased with Mrs. Uj’s skills and the way she taught our employees. Mrs. Uj is very competent and flexible to train personal issues and we can highly recommend her.”
Mr. Daniel Kost, Sales Manager, Schuler Automation GmbH & Co. KG, Gemmingen, Germany; buyer and participant in Presentation Skills Development workshop, September 2014

“During the consulting activities and training sessions she proved that she is an accomplished trainer. We wholeheartedly recommend Anikó as a consultant and trainer, she has a take-charge attitude and a confident approach. She is able to communicate her ideas and their associated benefits effectively and to create always a comfortable environment while maintaining full participation at all times.
She has ascertained our skill gaps and needs and completely designed a full training program for our middle and upper management.
All in all, we believe that she is a skillful and devoted person.”
Mr. Marc de Bastos Eckstein and Mr. István Wahl, Belgian & Hungarian CEOs for ThyssenKrupp Presta Hungary Ltd., Buyers of Leadership Skills Development program, February 2013

“The leadership training was a good chance for all of us to get rid of the stress at our company, to find the assertive way of communication that was missing before. Anikó had a very professional but at the same time also personal approach during the workshops and solved several problems or showed the way how we could manage them. I would recommend this training, the sooner the better :-)”
Hungarian Middle Manager, Participant in Leadership Skills Development program, June 2012

“I had the pleasure of working with Anikó in a large outsourcing project in Hungary. Anikó was a fantastic support in helping me to overcome the significant issue of being an expat in Hungary and not understanding the language, especially since the project involved consultations with Trade Unions and communications with local client personnel during a very stressful period for them as they were transferred to a new employer. Aniko supported me and other expats in the project with the extremely important insight in the local culture and how to understand and interpret different situations. She is professional, drives to add value in all situations and makes sure that any issues or open questions are closed. I also appreciated her thoroughness and that she always delivered top quality on time, – and that she is very pleasant to work with. Aniko is someone I trust 100% and I can give her my best recommendations.”
Mrs. Ashild Tillung, Accenture, Norwegian Senior Manager working in Hungary, October 2009