The story of a global CSR departing from Hungary

Last year I was 40 years old. This fact didn’t result big changes in my life, there was only one area where it could. It was my affair with CSR. “When I was a little girl,” I thought that CSR is something gentlemanly mischief, basically a passion of bored wives of senior executives. Then as I got older, excuse me, I have become more mature, I have already started feeling a taste and I took one person per year to coach for free. People who wouldn’t be able to pay it, but they needed support. A mother with a desire to return from mothernity grant, protestant church leaders, drug mission leader … But when that magic 40 reached me, I realized that good-good it is, but I want something more effective way than this annually one free coaching process.

I like to build on my strength, and that is not to paint a fence or renovate school buildings. Something that is related to coaching and writing because I have written four books of coaching. I also knew that I wanted to help such people who can not afford this service.

Our actual coach course was attended by a journalist, Alíz Zádrovich, who wrote a two-page article of the self-coaching, in a female magazine. What is the self-coaching? For Hungarian ear, sometimes even the coaching is strang, and a word like self-coaching comes immediately? Yes, we always have to take a couple of steps ahead.

The coaching process usually requires 2 persons, the coach as an outer support staff assists the client – the coachee – to reach his/her goal. The coach does not solve the problem instead of merely catalytic functions: the issues, the tools to bring out the coachee’s own solutions. Although come in handy if you have an external eye, an independent, unbiased professional, who is still motivates, it isn’t necessary to come to the help from the outside. In fact, anyone can help himself, he only need to add a little awareness. The means by which a coach to put in the client, ourselves can also be used. This is self-coaching – when we become self coach of our mind.

Many people read the female magazine 2-page article in self-coaching, we received a lot of positive feedback in this connection. It was apropos of the CSR project, that OK, we can write a short ebook, which is formulated kitchen language, not the language of business leaders, and send it to people for free. The e-book contains 22 self-coaching tools with own experience sharing and a total of 30 pages, that is, who are not big readers, they also dare to try it.

But if it is a goose, to be fat! I was beginning to fall in love with the ide and increasingly gleaming in the eyes, that I started to others narrate my dream that I want to help as many people who couldn’t otherwise afford coaching and I thought it would be nice if it’s not just the Hungarians get it, but others as well. I remembered that years ago there was a disciple, named Henrietta Kiss, from the executive coach course, who was so committed that every week flew from Rome to Budapest to learn. I called her and yes, she still lives in Rome and yes, she still loves the coaching and it found out she wrote her former thesis of self supervision. It can’t be coincidence. So we figured quickly that she will translate into Italian, sent to 50 Italians, who couldn’t have money for a coach, but it would be useful knowledge. Henrietta has become the Italian ambassador of SPARKLE self coaching . Within 2 weeks, Melinda Katona has said yes to the Romanian Embassy, Zsófia Juhász to the Australian Embassy, Lydia Skene to the Austrian one, Annamária Barnóczki to the Bulgarian, Mónika Fert to the French, Judit Mihalik to the Turks, Zoltán Bognár to the Dutch, who were also all former executive coach students. And here is not over the line, since joined those who didn’t SPARKLE coach training conducted. Prerna Sujan, who has been living in Hungary for 20 years, enthusiastically took on the position of the Indian ambassador, Georg Zsolnay was so enamored of the idea, outside the Swedish translation has been organized, to be available in the other Nordic languages.

It was a very good experience to anyone else gleam in her eye from the global CSR project and we Hungarian coaches around the world (if it is the point in our little country village „Kocs”) so we can hold together for a common cause. I am confident that the blog post result of additional languages will be translated SPARKLE self-coaching tools and more will be available for others.

Laura Komócsin PCC


Brigitta Benkő
Brigitta BenkőSPARKLE Self Coaching French Ambassador
Dorota Jaworska
Dorota JaworskaSPARKLE Self Coaching Polish Ambassador
Eva Bolemant
Eva BolemantSPARKLE Self Coaching Slovakian Ambassador
Prerna Sujan
Prerna Sujan SPARKLE Self Coaching Indian-English Ambassador
Andrea Bedecs
Andrea BedecsSPARKLE Self Coaching Spanish Ambassador
 Mohammed Eissa
Mohammed EissaSPARKLE Self Coaching Arabic Ambassador
Ljiljana Foki
Ljiljana FokiSPARKLE Self Coaching Serbian Ambassador
Krisztina Seres
Krisztina SeresSPARKLE Self Coaching Catalan Ambassador
János Veres
János VeresSPARKLE Self Coaching Russian Ambassador
Lydia Skene
Lydia SkeneSPARKLE Self Coaching German Ambassador
Melinda Katona
Melinda KatonaSPARKLE Self Coaching Romanian Ambassador
Lisa Winkler
Lisa WinklerSPARKLE Self Coaching Finnish Ambassador
lisa @
Miklós Bánfi
Miklós BánfiSPARKLE Self Coaching Canadian Ambassador
Meiling Canizares
Meiling CanizaresSPARKLE Self Coaching Brasilian Ambassador
Adrián Molnár
Adrián MolnárSPARKLE Self Coaching Albanian Ambassador


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