A professional coach (executive, business, career or life coach) is an individual who is typically in the business field but also in other areas; a coach who helps the client exploit his or her potential (in this case, the latter being not an athlete but rather a leader in his or her professional and personal life). It is not the coach who runs; he or she only enables success. It is the runner who has to run and consequently, who wins the award.

Professional coaches are personalized „developers”, in case of an executive or leadership engagement for example they are „executive developers”; they focus on the clients’ existing issues rather than deliver an across-the-board presentation. For instance, when working with executives, their clients are key figures in their organisations from a specific aspect.

Coaches are „developers” because they are remunerated for contributing to the executives’ betterment.

Essentially, a good coach does not teach but inspires.

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Laura Komocsin (Author)