Are you trying hard to lead and motivate a team with very little results?

Are you operating from a space of anxiety, frustration and exhaustion?

Are you unable to hold effective conversations?

Are you feeling inadequate- in a mindset of ‘I am never enough’ ?

Are you stressed out most of the time?

Has life taken away its zest from you?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, you might qualify for an eye opening workshop


‘ To Create A New Way of Being’

We tend to operate from our default settings which we have accumulated over the years as a result of upbringing, cultural discourses, societal influences, values, beliefs. This inhibits us to lead an empowered life. Once we observe and uncover these, we shift in our perceptions. From a new perspective, we take actions leading to results that optimize our personal and professional lives.

You will be taught distinctions in the BEL model. Body-Emotions-Language.

The language indicates our inner conversations as well as the conversations we have with the outside world. You will be taught how to become a better observer and increase your levels of awareness. Out of this increased awareness, you learn to take better care of yourself and eventually transform.

TWO live demo coaching sessions will be carried out by Prerna during the workshop to illustrate the learning during the workshop. Interactive participation with the group using various coaching tools.

 You will be taught to tap into your intuition. There lies within each one of us a wise, resourceful and creative genius and you shall be taught to access these. A lot of practical somatic exercises included during the program to understand and enhance the wisdom of the body.


You shall be taught to live a western life incorporating eastern values. This is an unique feature that Prerna is able to bring to the workshop.

prernaPrerna Sujan an ontologically trained coach from the United States has been living in Budapest for the last 22 years. She originates from India and has lived in several continents. Her wide experience and multicultural diversity accompanied with a high intuitive sense helps her to coach and transform organizations.

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Date :December 5, 2016 (Monday)

Venue:Business Coach Kft. Office – Budapest, VI. Városligeti fasor 32.

Time: 9 am – 5 pm with a lunch break an 2 short tea-coffee/rest room breaks

Cost: 60.000 Ft + VAT /person As a gift each participant will receive a 60 minute in person or Skype coaching call with Prerna to follow up, set goals tailor made to your needs.

Online registration

Dress: comfortable clothing