Happiness and Well-Being

A good percentage of us is stuck in our world of beliefs, opinions, judgments that chain us down. The result is that we feel unhappy, out of balance, life is not fun anymore, we simply exist rather than thrive. What I strive to bring about within the participants is to show them how to get unstuck and learn to get out of their way. The result is experiencing well-being. 

The starting piece of this work begins from the assumption that each one is a unique observer. Each one observes the world based from his life journey, experiences, values, beliefs, cultural discourses etc.

There is a creative, resourceful and wise genius sitting within each one of us. The workshop aims at bringing to the foreground the awareness and ‚Äėhow to‚Äô techniques in order to tap into the intuitive wisdom that lies within each one of us.

The work to be expected is to raise the level of awareness in the body, emotions and our inner narrative, the mind. You will be taught to bring these 3 domains in harmony. You will do this individually based on your way of being. You will fill your treasure chest with your unique tool kit. Research shows that once we start to lead a life out of a powerful presence we manifest differently in our lives. The workshop aims at shifting, strengthening and enhancing the awareness muscle which allows us to take very different actions compared to what we normally do based on our default settings, habits, cultural discourses etc.

The results by the end of the workshop that you can expect to walk away are phenomenal. You are encouraged to stay in the present moment with the help of several exercises.

  • Non-judgment
  • Accepting status quo rather than resisting¬†
  • Respect for self and others
  • Kindness and gratitude
  • Appreciation towards each other
  • Focusing on strengths rather than highlighting weaknesses
  • Responding rather than reacting
  • Communication techniques
  • Learning¬†about emotional agility
  • A treasure chest of body exercises¬†
  • Taking a lead on issues rather than expecting the other to do so
  • Self-regulation
  • Flow experience¬†
  • Learning to work with fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, hatred etc.

Achieving the above results, you learn to work with the power of choice in your hands and walk away feeling happier. Each one will experience based on his hardwiring and uniqueness which is the starting point.


The participants receive a wealth of additional resources, reading materials and the success of this work is backed by research in the fields of neuroscience.

Perena Sujan PCC
Perena Sujan PCCExecutive coach & trainer

Training date: 21 October 2019