Personal Insight Leadership Training

‚ÄúThe deeper the relationship, the more effective the leadership. Relationship-building is Job #1 for any leader. Why? Because people will not follow you if they do not trust you. People will not lend you a hand until you first touch their heart.‚ÄĚ Robin Sharma

This interactive program is an advanced 2 day training subsequent to the ‚ÄėCreating New Ways of Being‚Äô one day workshop.¬†Participants will be required and encouraged to make personal notes in the handouts that will be given to each participant at the onset of the training program, take part in collective exercises as well as personally contribute in group discussions to facilitate deeper learning.

This comprehensive training will cover the following topics

Adaptive Leadership:Understanding the challenges that leaders are facing in these volatile, uncertain and complex environments. Sharing with the participants the adaptive leadership model in order for them to apply this to their everyday obstacles.

The Iceberg model:In order to change behavior one must look for aspects below the water line that influence professionals to shift behaviors and transform. Exploring what lies below the water line: thoughts and emotions, needs and fears, values and priorities in order to help them change mindsets and behavior patterns rather than focusing on changing their behaviors. Understanding resistances in the group dynamics to help facilitate change.

Personal Accountability: Reviewing the O-A-R model of ontological coaching in order to be able to shift the perceiver and facilitate win-win results for ourselves as well as our teams.

Upsets:Dealing with upsets and learning to press the pause button by understanding several aspects of neuroscience.  This affects the way we react in face of upsets. Once we learn how this impacts our lives, we are in a better position to manage upsets and choose creative responses.

Stages of Transformation:4 stages of growth in the transformation process by going through the 4 stages of consciousness with increased awareness and self-regulation.

Fears:Working on fears and how they impact the decisions that we make both in personal and professional lives

Trust:The 4 elements of Trust- reliability, acceptance, openness and congruence explained and practiced in detail

High Performance Mind:Developing a High Performance Mind based on the learning of Anna Wise. Leading participants to master the dynamic mind practice in order to access brainwave patterns at will.

Emotional Intelligence:The pillars of Emotional Intelligence based on the work of Daniel Goleman. Exploring and embodying self awareness, motivation, social skills, self regulation and empathy.

Perena Sujan PCC
Perena Sujan PCCExecutive coach & trainer

Training date: 29 October 2019