New: SPARKLE® Coaching Game

A card game for intellectual team building, collective problem solving and team coaching

Based on the SPARKLE® coaching process model, this game will inspire participants to come up with new ideas to their dilemma and find creative new ways to resolve problems.

A qualified coach facilitates the game as Game Master. The game can be played in three different variations:

  1. Individual focus: all participants work toward solving a specific problem faced by one of the group members. Suitable for any group, no previous team history is required.

  2. Shared problem focus: participants work together on an issue shared by all members of the group (e.g. time management issues). A tool for facilitating group coaching sessions, the game is suitable for groups in which members share a common issue – irrespective of their background.

  3. Organisation (team) focus: participants are all members of the same organization (team) and work together on an issue which influences their organization. The game is used as a facilitation tool for the problem solving or team coaching / organization development process.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Number of participants: ideally 4-8 players.

For larger groups up to 16 people, two sessions of the game can be played parallel and then combined into a plenary summary and debrief (not for Variation 1 Individual focus).

You can download detailed game description here : Sparkle Game Description.pdf

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