Innovation and Creativity – Interactive workshop

How can you be more creative?

In the past people believed that creativity depends only on the skills of the individuals.  Today more and more studies prove that this is a myth, creativity is a collective activity, even when we are alone.

The creative problem solving plays an increasing role in our fast changing environment, where the solutions of yesterday might not work anymore.

In our interactive workshop we will discover that creativity can be learnt, and we can be more effective in our daily life if we use it regularly.

The goal of the program:

The participants discover that everyone can develop his or her creativity. They identify, what are the obstacles and what can help creativity. They learn tools and methods, that help them make creativity part of their everyday life.

Short topics:

  • How to support creativity in the team?
  • How to assess and tweak the physical and psychological environment to inspire creativity?
  • What is the relationship between the happiness and creativity?
  • How to lead the innovation process to bring more results for the organization?
  • How can we define our vision and find supporters to the new ideas?
  • We will also talk about the secrets of the effective communication that helps to sustain the support and the enthusiasm

Bring with you your current challenges, your problems that need to be solved end you can go back with solutions after you experienced with the new tools and methods.

Bea BIncze ACC
Bea BIncze ACCexecutive coach, trainer
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