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Stakeholder Managemnet:

how to ensure your undertakings get the support your need?

Your stakeholders’ engagement is a key to the success of your project.

Who are your stakeholders in the first place? 

Do you really have to satisfy all their needs?

What is the best way to reach and engage them? 

How can you meet and exceed their expectations?

This one-day workshop will enable you to identify, analyse and manage your project stakeholders:

  • Understand who your stakeholders are
  • Identify supporters & potential threats
  • Manage expectations in time to avoid disappointments later on
  • Find the best communication channel to engage them
  • Create your stakeholder management plan for result-oriented communication
  • Present your project goals and needs with confidence
  • Develop assertive communication skills to exchange information and foster relationships


Bring your project to success!

If you have questions or would like to receive an offer tailor-made for your company (available in both English and Hungarian), please contact our expert: 

Anikó Uj
Executive Coach, Management Consultant

Anikó brings 20 years of professional experience serving clients in various business areas. Having worked as a project manager as well as a change management and communication expert for a wide range of business projects at multinational companies, she truly understands the importance of effective communication and cooperation in a dynamic corporate environment.


Next training date: 23. November 2020.