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 Workshop to Improve  Assertive Communication Skills

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.”
— Anthony Robbins

Are you successful at making yourself understood by your partners? Are you able and willing to express your views, needs and emotions openly? And all this – in English?

 This one-day workshop will enable you to ASSERT YOURSELFand get your message acrosseffectively to your communication partners in your business and private life:

  • Spot and exhibit different styles in behaviour and communication
  • Find the right words, the right time
  • Make sure your partner understands your point
  • Avoid and resolve conflicts through assertive communication techniques
  • Understand cross-cultural differences around assertiveness

Target Audience: professionals at any level within the organisation who wish to improve their communication skills. Prerequisites are:

  • Willingness to participate in exercises
  • Proficiency in the workshop language (English)

Group size: 4-12 Participants


What makes us assertive?

  • What is assertiveness and what makes us unassertive?
  • Behaviour scale from passive to aggressive
  • Assertive rights

What you say and how you say it

  • Non-verbal communication: it’s what you don’t say that counts
  • Behaviour types and their communication patterns

Assertive communication techniques

  • Get your message across – but first of all, have a message!
  • Wording makes a difference
  • Active listening, asking the right questions

Cross-cultural aspects of assertive communication: Assertiveness is for Americans” – is that right?

If you have questions or would like to receive an offer tailor-made for your company (available in both English and Hungarian), please contact our expert:

Anikó Uj
Executive Coach, Management Consultant

Anikó brings 20 years of professional experience serving clients in various business areas. Having worked as a project manager as well as a change management and communication expert for a wide range of business projects at multinational companies, she truly understands the importance of effective communication and cooperation in a dynamic corporate environment.