Conscious Listening – Better Collaboration

The conscious listening is the basis of the communication. Nothing can create faster rapport and trust, then listening. Today, when we are overwhelmed by the information, there are less and less good listeners. If we listen consciously, it can change our lives.

Would you like

  • to build trust faster?
  • to motivate others more successfully?
  • to make better decisions?
  • to prevent conflicts instead of managing them?
  • to create rapport easier with your clients and colleagues?

Listen to what they really say!

The conscious listening plays an important role in our success, in how effective we are as leaders, in our relationships, with our clients, bosses and employees.

Listening enables us to receive information, understand each other, create relationships and learn.

 Developing our conscious listening will not only make us better leader, but it also helps us to motivate better, build relationships, negotiate successfully and prevent misunderstanding and conflicts.

The goal of the program:

Strengthening the communication skills for leadership and negotiations through the development of conscious listening. By applying the methods and the mindset that have been learnt, participants can become more successful and satisfied, and they can better support their teams.

Expected results:

  • The participants can communicate more consciously, they recognise the importance of listening. 
  • They can easier establish relationship, build trust and motivate than before that training.
  •  They strengthen their leadership role.
  • By developing their communication skills they can become more effective in their work and in their lives.

Program topics:

  • How do we listen? What are the levels of listening?
  • We discover the obstacles to listening
  • We experience the presence and how to pay attention to each other– in body and mind
  • Recognise and practice listening positions
  • How to get from No to the Yes
  • Let’s ask good questions!
  • Listening journal and action plan
Bea BIncze ACC
Bea BIncze ACCexecutive coach, trainer

Next training date: 2nd of December 2019.

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