How do the coach choose a tie?

I worked as a management consultant with a large global consulting firm for years. Many people assume that now I do the same without being employed. To a certain extent, they are right. When I was a consultant, I tried to get my own way using coaching instead of resorting to autocracy. However, it is [...]

5 things what the real coach in not (part1)

Why a coach is not a trainer or a therapist?After giving the definition, what the real coach is, we have to make clear what the coach is not. Trainer or therapist?1. The coach is not a trainer because he or shecustomizes the message for each client (does not sell ready-made, but tailor-made   clothes);does not discuss [...]

How do You know the real coach?

A professional coach (executive, business, career or life coach) is an individual who is typically in the business field but also in other areas; a coach who helps the client exploit his or her potential (in this case, the latter being not an athlete but rather a leader in his or her professional and personal [...]

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Kilépünk a komfortzónánkból

Business Coachok vagyunk. Abban segítünk az ügyfeleinknek, hogy elérjék céljaikat, ehhez pedig - legtöbbször - ki kell lépniük komfortzónájukból. Úgy gondoljuk - hasonlóan sok más hivatáshoz -, a coachoknál is kiemelten fontos a hitelesség. Ennek egyik példája, hogy mi magunk is kitűzünk célokat és ennek érdekében kilépünk az eddig komfortos keretek közül. Most ezt tesszük [...]

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