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How to take care of yourself during this uncertain period

“There is nothing so stable as change.” – Bob Dylan

This quote has never been this accurate and apt. We are experiencing a high level of uncertainty and change due to the virus. It is not enough that we find solutions for the constantly changing environment e.g.: closed schools, working from home, travel restrictions, but we must handle panic, fear and the emotional ups and downs.

You can read a few tips below how to stay centered and discern intelligently: 

Take 3 steps back

Do not allow yourself to be part of any drama. Consciously take a few steps back and observe the situation as an outsider. What facts do you see when you step away from the emotional rollercoaster?

Observe your fears

Fears gets trapped into our body as stuck energy. From this place we are unable to rationalize our choices. This inhibits us to take steps forward. Are your fears based on facts or are they the result of your imaginations and stories? It will serve you better to free yourself from imagined fears and prepare yourself for real fears with a clear mind.

Practice acceptance

Acceptance does not mean that you stay passive. Accept situations that you are unable to change with grace and poise. Make different choice to alter situations that you can change and tap into the intuitive wisdom of your being.

Offer gratitude 

Write a list about what is positive in your current situation and focus on them, you will find solutions for the rest a lot easier. Focus on what you already have!

Meditation and breathing

Meditation and breathing have proven positive effect on health. Therefore, I suggest to practice every day. If you watch your breath only for a few minutes, you will feel more dynamic and centered. Meditation helps the mind to calm down. The facts will seem more obvious from the meditative state.

Stay in touch with your friends, family and colleagues 

You can discover a whole new world on the online platforms. Make this journey joyful, let the curiosity lead you. Pay attention and give support to each other.

Keep in mind: No matter what happens, you always have the power to choose your response and attitude.

Spread the kindness and help others.

Stay well!

Anita Kulcu-Gusztafik


Kulcu-Gusztafik Anita

business coach